We are a founder member of The Association of All Wheel Drive Clubs of South Africa, 
and a member of the Off-Road Radio Association. 


History:   In September 1976... The Club started out as the South African Jeep Club in September 1976 and operated as a non-profit Club to promote the interests of Jeep Owners in South Africa. Since, it has evolved into an open to all types of four wheel drive vehicles Club.

The Club strives to be a symbol of organized four wheel drive owners, concerned with fauna & flora, natural resources and recreation in South Africa.  

The Name 4X4ATV explains that we group under All Terrain Vehicles whose main purpose is that of off-road usage.

  Club activities are of a family nature. Monthly meetings are held where members can put their vehicles to the test, improve their driving skills and socialize with fellow members.

A general meeting, open to all club members, takes place during the course of the year to get input from members regarding the Club's activities and administration. Social functions for Club members are also held. This concludes in a year end function. The Club will always remain a non-profit organization, allowing us the opportunity to promote the responsible usage of our natural resources. We also participates in community projects such as fund raising, fun fairs, donating blood and charity projects such as entertaining the less privileged and disabled.

 Our main event / attraction is without a doubt the annual Toyota Rust de Winter Jamboree - proclaimed to be the biggest annual gathering of 4X4's in the country. Some members also participate in the National 4X4 Challenge Series. 

The Club has had a steady growth of members over the past years and has a membership of over 400. It has a documented constitution and is controlled by a committee of around 12 members selected each March during an Annual General Meeting. On becoming a member, you agree to adhere to the code of conduct and the rules of this constitution. You are required to uphold the interests of the Club and the four wheel drive community in general. A newsletter keeps members up to date on the latest activities and gives you a means of reporting back on events. 

  Our Contact Information:

Club Office Physical Address:

446 Myburgh Street,
Capital Park.
(Behind LA SPORT)

Club Postal Address:

P O Box 28354,
Sunnyside, 0132.

Club Telephone Numbers:

t: 012 379 1715
f: 086 612 5652
c: 082 558 6184

Club Office Hours:

08h00 to 12h00 on week days


Membership Fees:

Administration fee for new Members of R150.00
Annual Membership Fee of R590.00
Membership fees are payable in 1,2 or 4 payments.

CLUB Banking Detail:



Current Account:

0600 720 708

Branch Code:

334 245

Scan this link with your cell phone to auto-pay your 4x4ATV membership fees.

You will have to download  "SnapScan" from the Google PlayStore (on your cell phone) to access this feature.

You will be required to register and update this feature with your personal bank detail in order to activate the app. 

Firts will be happy to help you with this process - 082 468 6293

NB: Payment REFERENCE numbers:
New Members are required to enter their name and "NEW MEMBER".

PLEASE fax/mail a copy of your deposit slip / payment notification to the club office to ensure that your deposit is correctly admined on your statement.

  2016/7  Bestuurskomitee:
Naam: Taaktoedeling: Tel nommer: e-pos:

Dirk van Wyk Voorsitter 083 462 6241 chairman@4x4atv.org
Elize van der Westhuizen Sekretaris 083 263 8972 evdwesthuizen@tsb.toyota.co.za
Carina Volschenk Tessourier (ex-officio) 084 602 0190 volschenkcarina@gmail.com


Peter Claasen Klub en RdW Bestuurder 082 558 6184 peterjclaasen52@gmail.com
Ben Smit Rust de Winter Gymkhana 083 820 7065 benfsmit@absamail.co.za
Renet Zeeman Damesgroep 083 233 4981 rzeeman@tracker.co.za
Benjamin Smit RdW Onderhoud 072 221 3888 benjaminsmit@live.com
Eikie Kotze RdW Onderhoud 082 787 4228 eikie.kotze@alert.co.za
Frits Greger Bundu Roete en Opleiding 082 468 6293 frits.sound@telkomsa.net


Deon Volschenk 083 645 3861 deonv@nmc.co.za
Dirk van Wyk 083 462 6241 chairman@4x4atv.org


Rina Stander Klub Administrasie 082 990 4364 admin@4x4atv.org
Elize van der Westhuizen 083 263 8972 evdwesthuizen@tsb.toyota.co.za
Eikie Kotze 082 787 4228 eikie.kotze@alert.co.za


Deon Kok Wegbreek Naweke 082 920 6103 deonkok@dwj.co.za
John Donaldson Klub Ondervoorsitter en Maandbyeenkomste 082 653 8731 johnd@sealservices.co.za

Scheduled Committe Attendance / Meetings:

17 January 2017 - Committee

26 January 2017
RdW Camp Officer Meeting

29 January 2017
MM Gerotec
7 February 2017 - Committee

25 February 2017
7 March 2017 - Committee

14 March 2017
Club Fin Statements

23 March 2017 - AGM

28 March 2017 - Committee

4 April 2017 - Committee

10 April 2017 - Committee

18 April 2017 - Committee

27 April - 1 May 2017 - Jamboree
9 May 2017 - Committee

28 May 2017 - MM Que x Que, Hekpoort

30 May 2017 - Committee
25 June 2017 - Breakfast Run 1 August 2017 - Committee
2 & 3 September 2017
RdW Tree Planting

5 Sep 2017 - Committee

23 - 25 September 2017
Rust de Winter Jol
Treasure Hunt
10 October 2017 - Committee

29 October 2017 - MM Moegatle
7 November 2017 - Committee

25 November 2017
Club Year End Function
17 December 2017
RdW Christmas Function