27 to 30th APRIL 2018

Supplementary form with 
Rules and Regulations 
for the JAMBOREE

Scrutineering Explained

Scruiteneering Checklist

Critical Items required for Vehicle

The Rust de Winter Competition, will be open for registration on Monday 12 March.

Use the link provided and then follow the process http://toyapps13.e-toyota.co.za:4200/

If you have been a driver before and we have your correct details (Identity number and email address) then you do not need to register, you may log in with your email address and use your identity number as the password. You must now complete the rest of the process and update your data and save it. A competition number will be allocated on first come basis

However, if no record of your email is found, please click on Register and go through the registration process. All fields with a Red Left hand border are mandatory, they need to be completed before you may proceed. Click on Save and enter your Vehicle details. A competition number will be allocated on first come basis

When making a payment, please use the system generated payment reference no. All entries remain provisional until payment has been received. Payment must be made within 48 hours to reserve your spot.

Should you have any problems, please email the 4x4 ATV Club at admin@4x4Atv.org

When making payment please do not include your camping fees in the payment, this must be done at Rust de Winter at the gate once you arrive and make sure to use your competition no. as a reference.

Take along fresh WATER for everything you might need!


This, now famous event, is Hosted by the 4x4ATV Club in association with Toyota South Africa and numerous worthy sponsors. It gives the 4x4 enthusiast the opportunity to compete in a safe and controlled environment with worthy adversaries to claim the title - Winner of the annual Rust de Winter Jamboree! The event is held at Rust de Winter (our official camp site) and consists of a mountain route as well as the very entertaining 4x4 obstacle course in the gymkhana area. 

The 4X4ATV Camp Site is the base for this event and you are urged to stay here and enjoy all the activities planned for the weekend. Please bring the children along - they will love it! Page to our "rdw" page to find out more about facilities available.

  Here are some images from our 2016 JAMBOREE Children's Jam Camp... 
Keeping the children happily occupied while mom and dad tends to the serious part of the Jamboree ... 
getting mud over and into every little crease on the 4x4... 


THANK YOU to GENERAL TIRE (CONTINENTAL as you would remember)
for once more sponsoring the activities for our Jamboree children!

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  I have a 4x4 - Can I enter? ... YES! YES! YES!



If you are the owner of a 4x4 and wish to adventure into the avenues of competition / test your 4x4 skills / learn the art of 4x4-ing in a safe controlled environment... or just have loads of fun with your whole family in a 4x4, THIS IS IT! Your vehicle does not need serious modifications to compete. Although daunting in places, the mountain route is accessible for any 4x4 - mostly the vehicles are way more capable than the drivers... but do not fear! Skilled Marshalls are strategically placed at obstacles to "help" you conquer our mountain. A little patience is required when you participate in this route as there are many (up to 180) vehicles making their way through the mountain. Some guys go through with little effort but others may take a while to succeed...  

Although the Jamboree is promoted to be a family event, "just guys" or "just girls" teams are welcome!


Motor Sport is dangerous - Safety is of the utmost concern and a few rules apply:

Rules and Regulations

Your 4x4 must be roadworthy and the 4x4 adaptations must be fully functional. Your vehicle will be scrutinised when you enter and must show a clean "bill of health" before you may proceed. Parts of the route includes normal public roads and the driver and co-driver will therefore need a valid SA driving license and must adhere to general traffic rules and regulations. There are equipment checks on the route and you will be required to have basic 4x4 recovery equipment on your vehicle. In the event of injury you will also be required to have a basic medical kit on board. As the route can take up to 6 hours to complete you will also be required to take along enough drinking water and food snacks - there may be a hamburger stand along the route but rather cater for the hungry little ones. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED ON THE VEHICLE! Not even for your passengers. There will be check points on the route and you will be disqualified and escorted back to camp in the event of any alcoholic beverages found in the vehicle.

The evening before you set off a drivers briefing will be held - attendance is compulsory as this gives you valuable insight into the next day.


The Gymkana is made up with a series of obstacles that you will have to conquour with your 4x4. This is probably the one chance you will get to really show off your 4x4-ing skills. Once again, your family / passengers gets the chance to participate as many of the obstacles requires their guidance / athleticism / skill / endurance / ... don't worry, all this is great fun!!! ...


Please note that although this is not promoted to be an extreme 4x4 event, winning does not come easy... Your skills and family participation will be the key to winning the lucrative prize and trophy that you will be VERY proud of.

Supplementary form with Rules and Regulations for the JAMBOREE


See YOU there...